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new year!

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from josh + emily

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2023 was a ride.

you probably joined us

for some of it...

but here’s the rest!

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Source: Demic

rock bottom


on january 1, we lost $28,000 in a single day, with no improvements in sight.

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We asked the team

to break even but

were told it

wasn't viable.

and that the

business wasn't, either.

[should we shut

everything down?]

we had to save $$$ fast, so we parted ways with 75% of the company and josh, abraham, and emily stepped back in to brainjolt full-time.

Source: Jason Clarke

for 3 months only,

we thought.

Source: Katie Creative Co.
Source: Katie Creative Co.



by february, we had an interested investor who asked for a plan to get to $100m.

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Source: headmark agency

what was supposed to be a month of sabbatical, ended up the toughest month yet.

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Source: Ror Wilson
Source: Ror Wilson

emily took over finance, and spent her birthday crying in a wework in utah.

josh made the decision to step back into trading full-time, and made his first profitable ad set after a day.

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Source: undefined



we realized that nearly every piece of data was wrong, and had to redo everything.

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we’d lost almost half a million by this point in the year.

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but this golden girls planter saved us… it went viral and saved our month and our sanity.

we sold thousands!!

and had our first profitable month of the year.

and We decided

to finish the investor talks in person…

in indonesia.

[it was right after this call where we decided to just go]

Source: Alexandra Five
Source: Alexandra Five



Source: Ben Stillman

in one go, we visited friends in minnesota, family in colorado, and then headed off to indonesia.

even though things were looking up, we needed cash and were going to miss payroll.

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emily secured a million while on the flight over, and josh and abraham decided to pause their salaries indefinitely.

we got a “yes” from the investors, swung by bali, and went on the craziest bike ride of our lives

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Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon



we lost money in april, which brought about the next big idea: daily deals

with the launch of daily deals, we were now beating all of 2022’s performance, by just may.

abraham came to visit and we kept not getting the dinner reservation we wanted. so josh built a reservation bot

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haley came to visit too… and josh’s house flooded.

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emily, josh, haley, lynn, and adam

Source: queeniescards
Source: queeniescards



we went to

cabo, mexico to slow down and dream a bit

and sent marianne a turkey shaped ice cream cake,

because why not

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josh built an app called takeout that we dreamt we would use ourselves and also went viral on tiktok with slowed down start-up sounds

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emily + zizi

visited the

pipers + swans

in minnesota

and zizi turned 3!

Source: Johanna Sánchez
Source: Johanna Sánchez



during amazon’s prime day event, we sold over 📈 $1 million 📈 of products in a single day… a record for brainjolt

levain bakery opened in l.a. and we almost got turned away due to long lines at closing time, but then magically got our entire order for free

vegas, nevada and

st. george, utah

for strategic partnerships

zizi went cherry picking, played with water balloons, and experienced dairy queen for the first time ever

Source: headmark agency
Source: Nora Fikse

and we ended the month with the highest profit in brainjolt history (with only a handful of people)

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Source: undefined
Source: Nora Fikse


Source: Annalise
Source: Annalise


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we started out with a cash crisis: $2m in deficit from july’s massive scale

our facebook credit line was almost full, and we were getting threatening messages about all ads being shut off

we headed to europe to attend the first ever
🌻naive yearly conference, emily cried for the first couple days while figuring out cash, we fell in love with copenhagen, and met some incredible internet people

emily, josh, marty,

alyssa, and haley

haley joined too, and we had the ✨worst✨ dining experience of our lives at a michelin star rated place, and the ✨best✨ at a place called reffin

we swung by lake como for 3 days before heading back, and happened to be there at the same time as even more internet friends

emily, esther, bob, jessica, josh, and haley

and emily + haley took some glamour shots @ tom’s 1 hour photo in l.a.

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Source: Studio Louu



josh re-discovered the arts district in l.a. and became obsessed

we visited an old favorite, terranea, for a co-working day

we started interviewing general managers for brainjolt

emily + zizi went to minnesota for a dreamy autumn visit, and zizi tried out a minnesota school for the week

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we continued enjoying toppers pizza nights with josh + zizi, and got an offer to buy brainjolt that we turned down.

Source: Originals
Source: Originals



josh created thousands of ai generated ads… they were so cool we shared them via @rate.limits


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all the effort paid off, with october smashing the previous biggest month in brainjolt history (july).

celebrating @ houston’s amidst the burnout

we dipped into nostalgia and saw death cab for cutie + the postal service in concert at the santa barbara bowl

we made the outline of a future book and roared with laughter while writing it… while getting 1 free oyster

haley visited for halloween and we went to the scariest haunted house experience ever + a memorable dinner with lynn + adam

zizi went trick-or-treating for the first time ever, and we visited a very los angeles pumpkin patch.

Source: undefined
Source: undefined



brainjolt launched a new concept:

⚡️ lightning deals ⚡️

pizza nights included many negotiations on pizookie portion-sharing

josh attended his first ever football game @ usc with abraham + emily

emily, zizi, and cecilia went to minnesota for thanksiving and wore mittens for the first time

[we missed josh]

we got greg the portable record player of his dreams

Source: Lucía Elena Ventura

and then we got hacked for a quarter million dollars on black friday.

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Source: merelscorner
Source: merelscorner



despite the temporary setback, we felt the christmas spirit and decorated 🎄

emily + zizi visited laguna beach with ivana + nathan

we went to art basel in miami + celebrated josh’s birthday with family at busch gardens in tampa

[emily discovered she was terrified of holding birds]

[and we went on a rollercoaster 3x in a row]

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emily went to see european christmas markets in germany + france with haley, paul, and bellamie

and josh made a “useless website”

Source: exotic cancer

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josh, abraham, and emily started hypertext, a non-profit foundation focused on the arts + tech


we ended the year in gorgeous hawaii, reflecting on what a year it has been.

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and what a year it was.

see you in 2024 💕

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thank you for reading ❤️

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new year!

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from josh + emily

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